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  Vrnjačka Banja is located in the central part of the Republic of Serbia, about 200 km south of Belgrade, on the wooded slopes of Goč Mountain that end in fertile Western Pomoravlje. Vrnjačka Banja is connected to all parts of Serbia by road and railroad. Climate is temperate continental, and the effect of nearby mountains gives the micro-climate a special character and makes it pleasant.
  Vrnjačka Banja is the largest spa resort in the country. It is an attractive vacation and recreation center, and one of the most visited tourist destinations.

                                                 Vrnjačka Banja - Location
                                                    Mineral Springs of Vrnjačka Banja
Vrnjačka Banja has seven known mineral springs and they are:
- Topla voda (hot mineral spring)
- Snežnik   
- Slatina
- Jezero
- Beli Izvor
- Borjak
- Vrnjačko Vrelo

Mineral water from these springs is used for treating:
- digestive diseases
- pancreas and biliary tract diseases
- metabolic diseases
- kidney and urinary tract diseases
- cardiovascular diseases
- hematopoietic system diseases
- rheumatic diseases
- post-traumatic and postoperative conditions
- gynecological diseases

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